Summer Maintenance on Your Honda Civic from Somerville, MA
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Summer Maintenance on Your Honda Civic from Somerville, MA

Finally, the day came when you were able to drive off the lot in your beautiful Honda Civic from Somerville, MA. After a lot of debate, you decided on a pre-owned vehicle loaded with tons of standard and optional features. Although the Civic is a high mileage car, meaning that you can put a lot of miles on it and keep driving, you still need to provide it with proper care. By following an appropriate maintenance schedule, you will enjoy your Civic for many years to come.

This summer has been brutal across the country, including in Somerville, MA. Just as you would do for your car in the winter, your Civic needs unique maintenance during the hotter months.

Regular Oil Changes

Regardless of the year or trim level of your Honda Civic, make sure that you have the oil changed according to the recommended schedule. Unlike other vehicles, the Civic can go roughly 7,500 miles between oil changes, but to be on the side of caution, many owners prefer to follow the standard 3,000-mile interval. If you have questions, you can check the owner’s vehicle manual or talk to someone at the dealership where you purchased the car.

Replace the Windshield Wipers

You probably think of changing the windshield wipers for the upcoming winter, but in reality, the harsh sun during the summer can be just as damaging. To prevent finding yourself in a downpour or even drizzle without good wipers, replace them as needed. Although replacing windshield wipers on a Honda Civic is not difficult, you can always visit the service center at the dealership if you prefer for them to handle the installation.

Debugging Your Car

Not only are dead bugs on your Honda Civic annoying and distracting from the beautiful exterior, they can also do a lot of damage to the paint. For that reason, you want to wash your car regularly. If you decide to wash it yourself, use a quality cleaner, but if you are going through an automatic carwash, make sure you choose one that offers brushless service to prevent any scratches or other damage.

Recharge Your AC

During the hottest months of the year in Somerville, MA, your air-conditioning has to work twice as hard. However, with a little TLC, you can give your car a break while at the same time staying cool. All you need to do is visit the dealer’s service department to have your AC recharged.

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